Rangy Lil's

Rangy Lil only does a few rendezvous' a year. Santa Fe Trails in Raton, Rocky Mountain College and Angel Fire Living History Days are our standards and we try to do one or two more if we can. We have decided to offer a limited menu in congenial surroundings. If you attend any of these events, please drop in and visit.

Rangy Lil and Cap'n Ball

Home (on the range) Cookin'

Probable next outing, the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous near Raton.

See our menus!

Do one thing and do it very well.

Featured: Protect yourself from the sun with a wide brim Guatamala Palm hat.

See more selections at the Emporium.

Consignment Shop

We have a set of used moosehide buckskins that'll make you look like you been skinnin' since Moses was still in the bullrushes. We got more stuff too!

Boudoir Baubles

Not strictly period, but we currently have a fine selection of genuine amber jewelry.

When it's all you wear, it has to be good.

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